Interviews: Part 4/4

This is the final post regarding the interviews I have been conducting. I have found them to be incredibly emotional, more so than I ever imagined. I have learnt so much from people who also suffer, but also those who are relatives, colleagues, friends of those who are living with a mental illness. I am immensely... Continue Reading →

Interviews: Part 3/4

These next two posts will be interviews with those who have supported someone or know someone who suffer from a mental health condition. I am hoping that this will highlight the different angles from in which peoples lives can be affected from mental health problems; but also the way other people view sufferers: not as... Continue Reading →

Interviews: Part 2/4

Following on from part 1, I have complied the remaining information from people and now have the final four discussions from people who experience poor mental health ready to post. I hope that these interviews are beginning to shed some light on how widespread mental health problems can be - affecting someone from early childhood... Continue Reading →

Toxic Masculinity

What does it take to be a ‘man’? Are we really still perceiving ‘real men’ as these emotionless, macho persona’s who never cry, who never talk about their feelings, who never experience anything deemed as weak? I call BS on that. Some of the strongest men I know are those who openly speak about their feelings... Continue Reading →

Interviews: Part 1/4

I have decided to write a series of blog posts that are slightly different to my usual. A friend of mine suggested that I interview him as he wanted to try and help others, but wanted to stay anonymous. This gave me the idea of interviewing various people that I know who have suffered with... Continue Reading →

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