When Ben Comes Out To Play

There are various triggers for Ben; some that are consistent and others that are completely random and unexpected. I can never figure out which ones I find 'easier'; I like to be prepared for any attack but also knowing that certain situations have made me anxious in the past can actually bring on Ben. People... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps 

I've spent the last week mulling over what my next blog post would include, and to be honest I still haven't even decided. I'm just kind of winging it. All I know is I needed to write. Even if its just to rant (one of my favourite pasttimes) or use this as a way to... Continue Reading →

Good Riddance

Ever sat there and thought if you hadn't met that one person, how different your life would be? Me too. And not always in the whole "you've changed my life for the better" sense. In fact, the complete opposite. Despite this, so many lessons have been learnt that wouldn't have if it wasn't for the... Continue Reading →

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have researched mental health. A lot. Anxiety in particular, and I see so much about 'positive mental attitude' and how you don't need medication or therapy, you just need to think positively and the world will magically become rainbows and sunshine. Who the fuck writes this shit? I'd like to see them think positively... Continue Reading →

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