What Ben Has Taught Me

After a difficult few weeks, I have done a lot of reflecting. Often, I am so aware of all the things that Ben negatively brings to my life that I forget the lessons I have learnt. There are parts of my personality; the way I react to things and my viewpoint on subjects that have... Continue Reading →


There comes a point with any illness, whether that be physical or mental, where you have just had enough. You are simply exhausted. The seemingly never-ending torture that gets put on your body and mind can push anyone to breaking point. I have had enough. I am struggling and although it hurts me to admit... Continue Reading →

Help, I’m Scared Of Sick!

Phobia's are strange things; we have an abject fear of something that in some cases won't actually harm us. I remember watching a program a few years ago about someone who was scared of knees, could you imagine being petrified of a body part that 99% of the world has? Everyday you would wake up,... Continue Reading →

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