There comes a point with any illness, whether that be physical or mental, where you have just had enough. You are simply exhausted. The seemingly never-ending torture that gets put on your body and mind can push anyone to breaking point. I have had enough. I am struggling and although it hurts me to admit... Continue Reading →


I've always said I find it easier to write when things aren't good. Which I know isn't a true representation of mental health because it's not actually all bad. Despite what we're led to believe. But maybe when I'm good, I don't feel the need to use this blog as an outlet; I don't need... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since I felt like I really wanted to write. And that's actually been a positive thing, in the sense that I've been so well in myself that it kind of took a back seat. This has been the longest consistent time of feeling settled and grounded, and it's been a massive... Continue Reading →

2017: The Year Of Hope

Two thousand and seventeen has been one of the most memorable, challenging but happy years that I've experienced since Ben resurfaced. I started this year with an unhealthy mindset, and I'm leaving it with a stronger one. I started this year with doubts, and I'm leaving it with knowledge. I started this year with goals,... Continue Reading →

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