Post-Natal Depression: Part 2

The second part to the segment on post-natal depression. A reminder to all that despite someone seeming like they're okay, they're coping and they're happy: this isn't always the reality. Check up on loved ones, and then check up on them again. #asktwice 1. What have been your biggest struggles with post-natal depression? The main thing... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Ben West

After creating an Instagram profile based solely on this blog, I gained followers that were sufferers themselves; professionals working in this field and people who had indirectly been affected by mental illness. One of these people was a man named Ben West. He is an 18-year-old who tragically lost his younger brother Sam to suicide... Continue Reading →

Eating Disorders

There are different types of eating disorders, the two most commonly known are bulimia and anorexia. In some cases, people can have one type which then develops into another. There are so many misconceptions surrounding eating disorders and so many people are still being body shamed which is contributing to the decline in peoples mental health.... Continue Reading →

Post-Natal Depression: Part 1

This segment is based on post-natal depression (PND) and I will be doing it in two parts. I hadn't actually thought about writing a post relating to this condition; despite knowing people who had suffered, it totally slipped my radar. And so when it was suggested by someone I jumped at the chance of helping... Continue Reading →


There are varying degrees of depression - some may experience mild depression that doesn't impact their lives for a long or significant period; but others may experience depression that overshadows everything. And both circumstances are important and valid. Whether you've suffered for depression for a brief moment of your life; or the entirety of it:... Continue Reading →

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