Trichotillomania is a condition in which people have a compulsion to pull out their hair. They feel an intense urge to pull out hair from their head, eyebrows or eyelashes and feel a sense of relief once they have done so. Some people pull out their hair in response to a stressful situation but others... Continue Reading →

Bipolar Disorder

This is a condition that I don't know a great deal about, and I was unaware that I knew anyone who suffered from it until a couple of years ago. I have two people who have chosen to take part in this blog post - they are very different in terms of personalities and careers.... Continue Reading →

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have decided to write a series of blog posts similar to my previous interviews, although this time I have chosen to focus on specific mental health conditions. I, myself, haven't experienced what these chosen people have; I am going to learn so much from them as I hope everyone else reading this does. I... Continue Reading →

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