2017: The Year Of Hope

Two thousand and seventeen has been one of the most memorable, challenging but happy years that I've experienced since Ben resurfaced. I started this year with an unhealthy mindset, and I'm leaving it with a stronger one. I started this year with doubts, and I'm leaving it with knowledge. I started this year with goals,... Continue Reading →

To The Person Reading This…

This must feel like the scariest time of your life right now. And trust me, I've been there. You feel like no one else understands. No one else feels this way. No one else has been through this. But I can assure you, they do and they have. And they have made it through the... Continue Reading →


When I was 15 and my mind was introduced to Ben, I had no idea what was happening to me. There was no build up to this new hysteria I was experiencing; no warning; no understanding. Fortunately, this period of anxiety and panic didn't last particularly long and I was able to continue for a... Continue Reading →

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