I wanted to take this opportunity to get a little bit soppy. I apologise in advance cos its definitely not my strong point I’ve been told!

These last few weeks I have felt even more of an overwhelming urge to tell people how grateful I am for them. Especially after the recent tragedies in Manchester. I feel that even when I tell people I am thankful for them: I want to tell them again, and again, and again until they really do know. Probably gets pretty annoying after a while but guess what, here I am doing it again!

I have such an amazing support network and I know exactly how lucky I am to have that. A lot of people would give anything to have those kinds of people in their lives and I have it in abundance.

My mum is by far the most selfless, caring person I have met. She has dealt firsthand with the shit storm that Ben creates and she has stuck by me every step of the way. She has been the one I have screamed at, cried at and sworn at when I am losing control; and she is still here for me every second. She has laid with me for two weeks when I couldn’t cope; drying my tears and refilling my heart with the love for life I know is there but couldn’t see. She has reassured me through endless irrational moments and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her constant love, guidance and patience. So if you are reading this Mum, I want you to know how lucky I feel to have been blessed with such a legendary parent and I would promise not to ring you at 3am for lifts home anymore but I think I would probably be lying. To the moon and back is never enough.

My closest friends: Thank you for always supporting me even when I know I am being the biggest pain in the ass imaginable. You make my life so much better in more ways than you’d ever comprehend. Thank you for answering my panicked phonecalls which make even less sense to you than they do to me; thank you for giving me the man up talk countless times and the “I love you” speech even more. You are irreplaceable.

My family: Thank you for being the light in my life. Even during the worst times, you have all gone out of your way to make sure I am okay. To make sure I know I’m loved and have unwavering support from you all. My future children are going to have the most kick-ass grandparents, aunties and uncles!

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