Challenge 12: The Letters

This was by far my favourite challenge of the year; although I didn’t think it would be as difficult as it turned out to be. I gave myself the challenge of writing 25 letters in December and posting or hand delivering them to people – however, I shared posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages asking people to nominate someone they think would like a letter. I wanted to give people the chance to thank someone, or remind someone of how loved and appreciated they are after the cr*p year that was 2020. I had such a lovely response from people and it really helped me to recognise how grateful I was for people in my life too whilst writing the letters. There was such a range of reasons for why people wanted to send someone a letter and I felt touched to be a part of making someone happy on the day they received theirs. I had some messages thanking me for writing to their loved ones and it meant so much to be able to do that for people this year.

This was the final challenge for my year of raising money for Mind and I am truly thankful to everyone who donated and supported me throughout this year in all the random things I’ve been doing. I managed to raise £530 for the charity and it means the world to give back to such an important cause.

This year has seen people’s mental health take a nosedive and these charities and support services are more important now than ever before. I hope that our Government take note of this and instead of cutting funding to mental health services by almost £600 million (, they put more focus on how our current situation is affecting people mentally and will continue to for years to come if people don’t receive the level of care and support they need.

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