Challenge 11: 100 Origami Cranes

November’s challenge was a different kind to any of the previous 10; but it was a lovely suggestion from one of my work colleagues. I decided that as well as making the 100 cranes I would write messages on them and give them out or leave them in places for people to find.

After making the first few I thought the challenge would be harder than I thought, but thankfully once I got the hang of how to create the bird it became a less daunting task! Many breaks and lunchtimes were spent folding paper and racking my brain for new quotes or words of wisdom to scribble on the wings but I reached 100 just as planned. I actually enjoyed this challenge as I felt it was testing a different part of me and the art of origami was actually quite therapeutic.

What is the meaning behind the origami crane?

According to Google, in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture the crane represents good fortune and longevity; the Japanese refer to the crane as the ‘bird of happiness’. 2020 couldn’t have been a more important year to focus on happiness as a whole.

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