Challenge 10: The Mind Walk

So, the Mind Walk is actually the reason why the challenges of 2020 became a thing. I’d just signed up to take part in a walk held in London to raise awareness and bring about the conversation regarding mental health and thought why just do one? Why not challenge myself all year to raise money for this incredible charity? It’s safe to say I’ve regretted the decision slightly over the last year but I’ve also been so proud of myself to have continued to do the challenges despite the sh*tshow that this year turned out to be.

As originally stated, the walk was meant to happen in London which I was really excited about because it was something different for me; a chance to be part of something bigger about a subject I am really passionate about. Then covid happened and ruined all of those plans! But nevertheless I still completed the walk but in sunny Weston-Super-Mare instead – with my amazing mum who didn’t mind listening to me blabbering on for a couple of hours whilst dragging her up hills.

Lots of beautiful views of the sea and 12.29km later and the challenge was complete! (Finished off with a KFC treat with a vegetarian mother who had to eat her rice box with her fingers! Thanks Colonel for being stingy with your cutlery).

Thanks mum for joining me for the main event – you’ve never missed an opportunity to support me in my 26 years and I’ll never take that for granted. After being my rock through all of my struggles with anxiety, sharing the walk with you (proudly sporting our Mind tops) was one of my favourite memories of the year.

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