Challenge 7, 8 & 9: Great North Run Solo and 8K With A M8

I decided to do challenge 7-9 over the course of July – September as we were given 78 days to complete it. However, I did add challenge 8 halfway through!

The rules of this challenge were to complete 40 runs (or walks) in 78 days; as someone who hates running I can definitely confirm I did not enjoy this one bit! Despite this, I started off strong and was doing a run every day initially. Then I got bored of that (standard me) and dropped down to a run every other day, sometimes every two days. This was still fine as I’d given myself a pretty good head start; however, as I got busier during the end of august I was doing the runs much less consistently – this didn’t help because when the last week arrived I was having to do two runs a day to complete the challenge in time! But, I still did it (albeit by the skin of my teeth haha!).

This challenge reminded me of the importance of not giving up; trust me, I wanted to, especially as it was one of the challenges I’ve found hardest to complete. But by the end I was so glad I kept going, even when it was a push at the end. I felt proud that I hadn’t failed and had kept my 100% success rate for 2020’s challenges! (I also got a medal and who doesn’t want one of those?!).

Challenge 8 was another running/walking one that raised money for Samaritans – another charity close to my heart and well deserving of the funds donated from completing this challenge. I found this one a lot easier – me and my friend Ryan had to split the 8K between us and we could complete it in any way we wanted i.e. run, jog, walk,cycle etc. I chose to walk because was I HELL doing any extra running! We also received a medal for this challenge – 2 medals in 2 months for someone as lazy as me is an achievement in itself!

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