Fundraiser: Make A Difference

Hello! Just a quick post to shamelessly promote my Just Giving page - please read and donate anything you can, as little as £0.50p makes such a difference when we all collectively contribute. Thank you all so much.

Diary Of Me: 2 – Here & Now

As always I have all the right intentions of writing regularly, and then life kind of just gets in the way. Or sometimes I find it hard to offload how I'm feeling so I wait until I feel more able to. Things have been up and down recently; I've still not felt myself but in... Continue Reading →

Diary Of Me: 1

I never wanted my blogs to be consistently negative, however, I always promised myself I'd write openly and honestly. For my own benefit if not for everyone else's. Even when it's scary and vulnerable to say how I truly feel, even when I leave myself open to judgement and ridicule, even when none of it... Continue Reading →

Help, I’m Scared Of Sick!

Phobia's are strange things; we have an abject fear of something that in some cases won't actually harm us. I remember watching a program a few years ago about someone who was scared of knees, could you imagine being petrified of a body part that 99% of the world has? Everyday you would wake up,... Continue Reading →

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have decided to write a series of blog posts similar to my previous interviews, although this time I have chosen to focus on specific mental health conditions. I, myself, haven't experienced what these chosen people have; I am going to learn so much from them as I hope everyone else reading this does. I... Continue Reading →

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