The One Where.. We Needed To Give Ourselves A Break!

The title of today’s blog will give a hint to what I’ve been binge-watching during this infamous lockdown!

The current circumstances we are in is nothing short of surreal. I hope that we never have to experience anything like this in my lifetime again. Or my future children’s for that matter.  But, at the same time, it is also an opportunity for so many of us to take the step back we desperately needed. To highlight to us whats most important; who is most important. To let us slow down, take notice of the simple, basics of life and to find gratitude.

I am a thankful person on a normal day but this pandemic has blown that out of the water – I have never missed people so much, those I spend every day with and even those I only see once in a while. It has given me a lot of time to think about my life choices, and what I want from my future – in every aspect. It has given me time to reflect on where I find my happiness, and how I can grab life by the balls so much more once we are back on the straight and narrow.

My previous post related to me actually being grateful for anxiety when it comes to this situation – it has unknowingly prepared me for this pandemic more than I could have predicted. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had bad nights, but even those have been manageable and are a distant memory in my head already. Nothing that a phone call with one of my friends can’t sort and a good old proverbial kick up the backside from oneself. But in relation to other people ‘Ben’ has helped me massively over the last few weeks – I have been able to share strategies and strength with people who are experiencing unknown levels of anxiety. The reason I started this blog three years ago wasn’t just as an outlet for my own thoughts and feelings – it was to become an advocate for those who weren’t able to voice theirs yet. It was to become a real life person for people to read about, know and listen to that has come out the other side – not cured but stronger. And so much wiser.

So to those who are finding this all too much – please believe me when I say that there is far more strength and resilience within a person than they’ll ever truly know until they’re thrown into a situation in which those traits are needed in abundance. And you might think you can’t cope with the emotions being thrust to the forefront of your minds right now, but you can. And you will.

You’ll do it for the thousands of key workers who have our backs throughout this. You’ll do it for the feeling of that first hug from a loved one. You’ll do it for the lessons this is going to teach us all – about love, unity and bravery.

So please, give yourself a break. If your way of coping with this shitstorm is to pour yourself another drink, binge Netflix till your eyes turn square or run everyday like you’re training for the next marathon – then so be it!

I’m leaving guilt behind – why don’t you join me?

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