Will It Work?

Tomorrow is the big day. And Ben is very much behind the scenes creating niggles of anxiety. I'm trying really hard to be positive and optimistic, but at the same time, if this doesn't bring me some relief or some guidance in regards to how to manage my emetophobia and Ben; I will be back... Continue Reading →

What Ben Has Taught Me

After a difficult few weeks, I have done a lot of reflecting. Often, I am so aware of all the things that Ben negatively brings to my life that I forget the lessons I have learnt. There are parts of my personality; the way I react to things and my viewpoint on subjects that have... Continue Reading →


There comes a point with any illness, whether that be physical or mental, where you have just had enough. You are simply exhausted. The seemingly never-ending torture that gets put on your body and mind can push anyone to breaking point. I have had enough. I am struggling and although it hurts me to admit... Continue Reading →

Help, I’m Scared Of Sick!

Phobia's are strange things; we have an abject fear of something that in some cases won't actually harm us. I remember watching a program a few years ago about someone who was scared of knees, could you imagine being petrified of a body part that 99% of the world has? Everyday you would wake up,... Continue Reading →


Loving someone unconditionally is the purest form of love. It allows someone the freedom to be completely themselves, without fear of judgement or criticism. I am lucky enough to have an abundance of people who love me in this way; but I still have an innate fear of people leaving. If someone asked me what... Continue Reading →

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