Will It Work?

Tomorrow is the big day. And Ben is very much behind the scenes creating niggles of anxiety. I’m trying really hard to be positive and optimistic, but at the same time, if this doesn’t bring me some relief or some guidance in regards to how to manage my emetophobia and Ben; I will be back at square one. And it’s really not where I want to be.

Robert Hisee is also known as ‘The Hypnoman’ and he is an unconscious mind therapist who offers treatment for various things such as anxiety, phobias and even weight loss. He is rated as the best in the UK and that is why I’ve made the decision to travel to Essex with my partner to meet him.

I have spent an insane amount of money on therapy over the last few years; I struck gold with Julie-Ellen Carmichael but I didn’t respond very well to my hypnotherapist. So it does worry me when it comes to spending more money on treatment that potentially may not work. But, on the other hand, at this stage in my recovery it is more than worth the risk.

I have struggled more in the last few months than I have for a long time and I am determined not to let it slip back to the level I know it can reach. It was an extremely distressing level of anxiety and fear which I never want to experience again. Hence why I am now looking at alternative therapies in order to give myself the best shot at managing this.

So, please keep your fingers crossed for me, I desperately need this to work. I will be writing a follow-up post at some point after my appointment to update everyone on how I found it. I’m hoping I will be singing his praises!

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